September - South Padre Island, Beach Cleanup
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      May 31, 2020 - Corpus Christi Beach Cleanup
      -South Padre Island Dr @ Access Road 6, just south of Bob Hall Pier
      -We'll be there at 9am handing out bags and t-shirts
      -Water will also be provided

      September 2020 - South Padre Island Beach Cleanup (Details coming)

      Can't make it to the beach cleanup, but you still want to contribute? No problem!  Here's a couple of options for you...

      Option 1- Buy some Ocean Vida gear. Profits from our sales, help us set up these beach cleanups.

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      Option 2 - Donate with dollars. Setting up beach cleanups carry expenses and every dollar helps us and our partners. We've set up a donation page and we'll contribute your funds to the beach cleanup of your choice.

      Donate Here