Chicken BBQ Plates on February 18th, 11-2pm
130 E Oleander Ave, La Feria, TX 78559
GoFundMe https://gofund.me/3a83a77e

Meeting - I've scheduled a regular Zoom meeting for Joe's BBQ on Wednesdays at 8pm. Join if you can.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 892 4273 8938
Passcode: ycNq4E


 With using Jaime's restaurant, we're able to work through his food permit. The food can be cooked on premise or off premise and brought there, but we'll need to stage and pack it in his kitchen and serve the plates over his counter. He has an outdoor open yard where we can bring in the pit or park it on the curb. Cynthia and Efrain have some big pits.

SUPPLIES (We'll have better estimates as tickets are sold)

Chicken - Joe knows a meat market owner in Edinburg and he is donating 5 cases of leg quarters and we can buy the rest at cost from him. If we go that route, we'll need someone to transfer it to La Feria. Victor is in Edinburg and can possibly help with that or we can figure it out. We can check with Jaime on his fridge space at the restaurant. We can also go through HEB or local meat market and let's see if they are interested in providing a discount or donating.
Rice and Beans - Lety Romero
Jalapenos - Diana Pena
Sliced Onions
- Lisa
Ziplock Snack Bags - Lisa
Sodas - Jaime might already sell these at his place
Ice Chests
Trash Bags - Meg Wisdom
Paper Towels - Meg Wisdom
Styrofoam Plates - Lorena Prado
Picnic packs (fork, spoon, knife, napkin, salt/pepper)
- Letasha Adamson(Joe's niece)
Chicken Seasoning
Cake Jars
- Meg
Cooks - Raul, Brian, Efrain
Prep/Servers - Diana Pena, Lisa Montalvo

Cleaning - Let's keep Jaime's place as clean as possible as we cook, prep, and serve there. To help wrap up the day, let's start final cleaning about 30mins before it's all over, so we have less to do at the end. 

Ticket Manager - Lisa Montalvo 956-793-0704
We're out of tickets and you can pre-order via the GoFundMe page.

In order to sell more plates and make more money for Joe, we'll need to get the word out. We'll need a flyer designed to pass around on social media and to create posters for area businesses, schools, churches, organizations, etc. I can set up a Facebook event and create a Facebook ad that targets La Feria and surrounding areas.

I'll use my bank info to collect GoFundMe bbq plate purchases and additional donations. Direct donating to Joe is available too. Please make large donations($200+) directly to Joe's Zelle or mine.